1. Thank you for keeping me entertained for a while Tumblr people. I’m gonna have a sleep now and hopefully wake up in England!

    (Sorry for the spam too)


  2. Anonymous said: how old are you?



  3. sorry-i-have said: What sort of advice would you give someone who'd like to make money off of photography? Besides the whole practice thing?

    Don’t be afraid to ask for money when people approach you to shoot. If your work is good enough you will start to get approached more and more. Don’t shoot for the promise of “good exposure” unless it’s absolutely worth your time or you still need to add to your portfolio.


  4. lolwhatevez said: wait are you a musician also?

    I play guitar and I used to be in a band but I don’t get time to play much anymore.


  5. emzemily said: You should totally vlog! So what if you "feel super awkward"... OWN IT! You'd be surprised at how hilarious things can end up.

    Maybe I will! I want to do something fun with all the stuff I filmed in America anyways.


  6. twoheartsonetardis25 said: I'd have to say you're probably my favorite photographer!

    Eyyy, thank you very much!


  7. h0wlz said: Oh god I always feel super awkward on camera, it's the worst

    I hate the sound of my own voice too! I don’t understand how I have any friends at all, I sound like an idiot.


  8. sassy-lil-angel-named-cas said: you should do the vlog thing if you ever get around to it! I think it would be super awesome & I know I would totally watch it.

    Maybe I will! I am planning to do some gaming videos with a few friends soon (Minecraft and the like) so perhaps vlogging will naturally branch from that!


  9. Anonymous said: you know what they do to guys like you in jail

    I have a vague idea

    Also MCR fuck yeah


  10. Anonymous said: Do you think you'd ever (actively) vlog? Or do you think that it's something that's becoming overdone?

    I actually planned to vlog my time at Warped Tour in America because it was such a special experience for me. I filmed quite a lot for it - an intro, outro and various other bits and bobs. I just feel super awkward on camera though so I’m not sure if I’ll ever edit it together!

    Also I don’t think anyone would actually wanna watch me talking shite on camera anyway!


  11. Anonymous said: (I'm the marry me anon) I'm like 14 which is upsetting bc ur v cute

    I don’t want to go to jail


  12. Anonymous said: hey will you marry me please ????

    I don’t think you’ve grasped this whole anonymous concept yet


  13. hellorhightides said: Trial and error/ make it up as I go along is pretty much what I do too! I shall put that lens on my to buy/ birthday list! Have you shot the attic in Hatfield forum before? I found it immensely difficult to get a decent picture of the drummer from KIGH because the stage was so diddy

    I don’t think I’ve shot that venue! Do you have a flash gun? It sounds like that would’ve made your life easier in that sort of cramped situation!


  14. takingbacktyrah said: HOW WAS SWITZERLAND, JOSEPH? Xx

    Absolutely awesome!! I saw real bears and invented some interesting cocktails last night when the owner of the venue let us have free reign of the bar…


  15. aysia-the-unicorn said: Your photography is on point.... it my dream to take pictures At concerts.

    Thank you! You should follow that dream. If I can do it, anyone can!