1. Last time I ignored this warning my car turned into a boat. Lightning never strikes twice, right?


  2. Anonymous asked: So meow. ;3



  3. forevertheweirdestkids asked: I think you are amazing, you get to do one of the most amazing jobs and you still act so humble.

    Honestly, what I do really isn’t that special or difficult. I just take photos of things I enjoy - I can’t see how that would ever go to my head. I’m just very grateful that people bother checking out my work! :) 


  4. Anonymous asked: May I just say you are really rather handsome, your photography is fab and you appear to be a really sound and dedicated guy. Good luck with everything lovely (:

    You are far too kind! Thank you very much :) 


  5. forevertheweirdestkids asked: You are insanely lucky! I'm totally jealous!

    95% hard work - 5% luck! 


  6. laurenslonelylife asked: You seriously have to have the coolest job ever!👌 I'm too jealous😩

    It’s a good laugh I suppose! 


  7. dairyqueenofficial asked: I ADORE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY

    Thank you very much :) 


  8. Anonymous asked: Hey, what music do you listen too?:)

    All sorts! My last.fm will give you the best answer: http://tinyurl.com/nfz6x6o


  9. isabelleguerineau1 asked: If you could shoot any band, present day or any era who would it be?

    Good question! I think it would have to be Muse as they were such a huge influence on me while growing up.


  10. Anonymous asked: Have u ever put ur hoo ha in a noo noo


  11. Anonymous asked: Can you post a selfie of you? :)

    Have one of me looking like a sweaty mess at Uprawr last week


  12. Shooting Uprawr tonight. Drop Dead are taking over!


  13. This is too cool. Drawn in toon form alongside some of the best music photographers around!

    Artist: Holly Chapman

    Featuring: Joe Brady, Adam Elmakias, Tom Falcone, Todd Owyoung, Sammy Roenfeldt, Matty Vogel, Maysa Askar & Ashley Osborn


  14. I’ve reduced the prices of my prints! All still include free postage and stickers.


  15. Baby Godzilla

    Scala, London