1. Anonymous said: I hate you. Stop hogging all the good photography jobs.

    Don’t hate me cos you ain’t hot 


  2. I received the most insane shoot offer today. Just as I was starting to think things couldn’t get any better after Warped Tour… 


  3. Lonely The Brave

    Divan du Monde - Paris, France - 17/10/14




  6. In Paris today with Lonely The Brave!


  7. Shot some merch for Lonely The Brave recently

    Cheers to Juliette for being a top model!


  8. Shooting Uprawr tonight

    We’re giving away £150 worth of tattoo time with Haunted Tattoos


  9. Marmozets

    Tunbridge Wells Forum - 8/10/14


  10. Lonely The Brave

    Tunbridge Wells Forum - 8/10/14


  11. I’m shooting Lonely the Brave & Marmozets down at the Tunbridge Wells Forum this evening!


  12. Lower Than Atlantis - Emily

    The second of two acoustic videos I recently shot for Rock Sound!


  13. Shooting Face Down tonight

    Live music from Palm Reader and Sirens!


  14. Lower Than Atlantis - English Kids In America

    Check out this acoustic session I shot for Rock Sound! 


  15. Group shot of the Big Red Barrel guys at EGX!